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Do you wish your lexicon was always just a little bit bigger? How about becoming super knowledgeable on a very niche hobby or sport that you’ve become interested in? At ItsDefined we’ve studied, broken down, and explained all the words related to varied topics, sports, hobbies, and passion points into an easy-to-understand glossary – whether you’re casually browsing or trying to become an expert.

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Learn the definitions of airfoil to wing-walker and other high-flying terms.


Appliqué, drape or v-stitch your way through crocheting definitions!


Ever wonder the meaning of angler or tube box? We tackle fishing terms in this dictionary!


The ultimate glossary of kayaking terms & phrases.

Medieval Weapons

Learn the lingo of Medieval Weapons from Aiguillette to War Hammer.


The ultimate guide to the most common restaurant terms.


Learn all the lingo of skiing with our ski terms & phrases glossary.


Learn the meaning of Acetone to Veneer and everything in between. 


Cave Diving

Learn the meaning of anoxia to viz and everything in between. 


Understand the glossary of curling terms & phrases from Biter to Pebble.

Gen Z

Welcome to’s guide to Gen Z terminology!

Law Enforcement

Learn law enforcement terms and definitions from 10-4 to ride the lightning.


Must-know pickleball terms and definitions from falafel to opa.


Nail down your expertise of Roofing terms from Abutment to Verge!

Video Editing

Learn the common video editing terms you need to know.

Coffee Making

Get a hot cup of what barista, or wet process mean in the glossary of coffee making.


The ultimate glossary of electrical terms & phrases.

Ice Skating

Glide, spin or flip into the leading online source for skating definitions!


Beautify your makeup vocabulary from Duke to Kabuki.


An easy-to-use glossary of common plumbing terms that will make anyone an expert.


Welcome to’s guide to the terminology of the game of Rugby!


The premier guide to the terminology of Watchmaking!