What is Itsdefined.com?


Do you wish your lexicon was always just a little bit bigger? How about becoming super knowledgeable on a very niche hobby or sport that you’ve become interested in? At ItsDefined we’ve studied, broken down and explained all the words related to varied topics, sports, hobbies and passion points into an easy to understand glossary – whether you’re casually browsing or trying to become an expert.


Why? Well quite honestly we’re a little obsessed with aviation, skiing, we love eating at restaurants, gen Z fascinates us, who doesn’t want to know more about plumbing when talking to a plumber about a broken part- you get the picture we like knowing a lot about a lot and we want to share that knowledge with everyone across the globe! Hopefully you find our dictionaries useful and can share some of these words too- and if we missed one, let us know we’re always looking to expand our knowledge.